November 2014 updates

New Series and additions to Children’s Book Sequels

Rachel Renee Russell – Dork Diaries

Andrew Lane – Young Sherlock Holmes

Stuart Hill – Icemark Chronicles

L F Baum – Wonderful World of Oz

Maggie Stiefvater – Raven Boys

Neal Shusterman – Unwind Dystology

Martin Widmark – Whodunit Detective Agency

Lucy Coats – Beasts of Olympus

Andy McNab – Liam Scott

Lauren Child – Ruby Redford

Gail Carriger – Finishing School

Sally Green – Half Bad

Cathy Cassidy – Chocolate Box Girls

Erin Hunter – Warriors – Dawn of the Clans

Richelle Mead – Bloodlines

Joan Holub- Goddess Girls

Kiera Cass  – The Selection

Kathy Reichs – Virals

Various Authors – Spirit Animals

Justin Somper – Allies and Assassins

Holly Smale – Geek girl

S.J. Kincaid – Insignia Trilogy

John Connolly & Jennifer Ridyard – Chronicles of the Invaders

Holly Webb – Maisie Hitchens


October 2014 Updates

Updates  and new series added to Children’s Book Sequels

Steve Cole – Young Bond

John Flanagan – Brotherband

Jacqueline Harvey – Clementine Rose

Lauren Kate – Teardrop

Lisa McMann – Unwanteds

Sarah Maas – Throne of Glass

Em Garner – Contaminated

Jennifer Lynn Alvarez – Guardian Herd

Tom Moorhouse – River Singers

Tom Palmer – Rugby Academy

Matt Brown – Compton Valance

Darren Shan – Zom-B

L A Weatherly – Soul Mates

Ally Carter – Embassy Row

Tony Abbott – Copernicus Archives

Mark Batterson – Jack Staples

Kit Berry – Stonewylde

Samantha Shannon – Bone Season

Zoe Marriott – Name of the Blade

G.A. Morgan – Five Stones Trilogy

Summer 2014

New Series added to Children’s Book Sequels
Lindsey Barraclough – Long Lankin
Ämy McCulloch – Knot’s Sequence
Michelle Magorian – The Hollis Family
Simon Weston – Nelson
Chris Riddell – Goth Girl
Helen Perelman – Candy Fairies
Poppy Collins – Fashion Fairy Princess
Dominic Barker – Max and Molly’s Guide to Trouble
Charlie Fletcher – Dragonshield Trilogy
Shirley Hughes – Dixie O’Day
Simon Cheshire – SWARM
D.D. Everest – Archie Greene
Helen Moss – Secrets of the Tombs
Jenny Meyerhoff – Barftastic Life of Louie Burger
April Henry – Point Last Seen
Hayley Long – Lottie Biggs
Claire Taylor-Smith – Hattie B – Magical Vet
Jordan Quinn – Kingdom of Wrenly
Rosie Banks – Secret Kingdom (Series 5)
Hannah Shaw – Stan Stinky
Jonny Zucker – Fleatectives
Jeanne Willis – Supercat
Jan Burchett – Pets from Space
Chris D’Lacey – Unicorne Files
Chase Wilder – Temple Run
Meagan Spooner – Skylark Trilogy
David Zeltser – Lug
Rick Yancey – 5th Wave
Stephan Pastis – Timmy Failure

Jacqueline Harvey – Alice-Miranda
John Flanagan –  Brotherband Chronicles
Kes Gray – Daisy
Simon Mayo – Itch
Coco Simon – Cupcake Diaries

April 2014

New Series added to

Judi Curtin – Friends Forever

Anne Cassidy – Jennifer Jones

Laura Dockrill – Darcy Burdock

Amelia Cobb – Zoe’s Rescue Zoo

Clementine Beavais – Sesame Seade

Paula Harrison – Faerie Tribes

Linda Chapman – Sky Horses

Linda Chapman – Skating School

Odin Redbeard – Vulgar the Viking

Jenny Oldfield – Muddy Paws

Lorna Honeywell – Bake a Wish

Gennifer Choldenko – Al Capone

Daisy Meadows – Rainbow Fairies 21 – Magical Craft Fairies

Kate O’Hearn – Valkyrie

Geronimo Stilton – Geronimo Stilton UK list & USA list

Geronimo Stilton – Thea Stilton

Deborah Ellis – Parvana

Adam Blade – Beast Quest Specials

Adam Blade – Beast Quest – Maser Your Destiny

Adam Blade Sea Quest Specials

Shawn K Stout – Penelope Crumb

Lincoln Peirce – Big Nate Novels

Awesome Animals

H.I.Larry – Zac Power Mega Mission

Various – Historical House Series

Phyllis Reyonolds Naylor – Alice McKinley Prequels

Phyllis Reyonolds Naylor – Alice McKinley

Henry Winkler – Hank Zipzer -Worlds Greatest Underachiever

Monica Seles – The Academy

Sharon Jones – Poppy Sinclair

Carina Axelsson – Model under Cover

Paul Stewart -Scavenger

Erin Soderberg – Quirks

Julian Sedgwick -Mysterium

Glenda Millard – Kingdom of Silk

R.McGeddon – Disaster Diaries

Tommy Donbavand – Fangs: Vampire Spy

Sage Blackwood – Jinx

Chris Higgins – My Funny Family

Michael Morpurgo – War Horse

Dan Gutman – My Weird School

Dan Gutman – My Weird School Daze

Sarwat Chadda – Ash Minstry

Salla Simukka – Snow White Trilogy (Y

Series Updated:

Jim Eldridge – Wrestling Trolls

Anne Plichota – Oksa Pollock

Coco Simon – Cupcake Diaries

Jonathan Meres – World of Norm

Jim Benton – Dear Dumb Diary Year 2

H L Dennis – Secret Breakers

Cynthia Voigt – Tillerman family

H.I. Larry – Zac Power

Jeff Norton – Metawars

Anne Cassidy – Murder Notebooks

Teri Terry – Slated

Kjartan Poskitt – Agatha Parrot

Niel Bushnell – Timesmith Chronicles

Paula Harrison – Rescue Princesses



March 2014

New Series Added to

Adam Britten – Captain Valiant and Me

L A Courtenay – Space Penguins

Cate Tiernan – Immortal Beloved Trilogy

A.B. Saddlewick – Monstrous Maud

Malaika Rose Stanley – Sugar Spice

Paul Mason – Factor 4

Josh Lacey – Dragonsitter

Brandon Sanderson – Alcatraz

Emily Mason – Ghost Detectives

Zac Harrison – Hyperspace High

Eleanor Hawken – Sammy Feral’s Diaries of Weird

Steve Barlow & Steve Skidmore – Action Dogs

Steve Barlow & Steve Skidmore – iHero

Steve Barlow & Steve Skidmore – iHero -Blood Crown Quest

Steve Barlow & Steve Skidmore – iHero -Tyranno Quest

David Baldacci – Finisher

Julia Green – Blue Moon

Julia Green – Breathing Underwater

Janet Rising – Pony Whisperer

Lily Small – Fairy Animals of Misty Wood

Theo Lawrence – Mystic City

Helen Grant – Forbidden Spaces Trilogy

Various – Spirit Animals

Stuart Gibbs – Fun Jungle

Colin Thompson -The Floods

Series Updates:

Gill Vickery – Dragon Child

Peter Lerangis – Seven Wonders

A.F. Harrold – Fizzlebert Stump

Joanna Nadin – Rachel Riley

Chris Ryan – Agent 21 – Zac Darke

Gareth P. Jones – Ninja Meerkats

Various – Infinity Ring