New series and updates added May 2020 part 1

Hi everyone, I hope you are all coping with the lockdown in your own way. I’ve been busy adding lots of titles and new series to www, and there’s a long list below. If you click on the title it will take you to the relevant series page on the website.
Also a very big thank you to Michelle Harrison for sending me images for the blog header. You can find her page here: Michelle Harrison. 
If you are a children’s author, have a page on the website and would like your series at the top of the blog page, please contact me via DM on twitter @ChiBkSequels
As I have mentioned before, the only way I make any money from the website is from affiliate links, so please consider ordering the books through the Waterstones, Hive, and Amazon links. You don’t have to just buy the linked item, anything will count as you’ve gone in via .
I hope to make enough to cover the server charges, I don’t make enough to make a living but I enjoy doing it, and I hope it makes your life easier and you enjoy using the website.
So here’s the long list; happy reading.

Click on the image to order via Hive Books, and support your local independent bookshop.

New series added:
Ada Hopper – D.A.T.A. Set
Alex English – Sky Pirates
Alexander McCall Smith – Big Top Mysteries
Alexandra Ott – Rules for Thieves
Alexandra Ott – Seekers of the Wild Realm
Andres Miedoso – Desmond Cole Ghost Patrol
Annabelle Sami – Agent Zaiba Investigates
Annie Barrows – Ivy and Bean
Anthony McGowan – Truth of Things
Bill Myers – Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle
Chris Rylander – Codename Conspiracy
Chris Rylander – Epic Failures
Chris Rylander – Fourth Stall
Courtney Sheinmel – Magic on the Map
Derek Fridolfs – Half Past Peculiar
James Patterson – Maximum Ride – Hawk

Jess Keating – Elements of Genius
Jonathan W Stokes – Addison Cooke
Joseph Monniger – Dragged from Under
Joseph Monninger – Journey Trilogy
Joseph Monninger – Stay Alive
Kesia Lupo – We are Blood and Thunder
Mary Pop Osborne – Magic Tree House – Merlin Missions
Matt Myklusch – Jack Blank Adventures
Matt Myklusch – Order of the Majestic
Natalie Lloyd – Problim Children
Paula Harrison – Princess of Pets
Paula Harrison – Red Moon Rising Trilogy
Paula Harrison – Robyn Silver
Paula Harrison – Secret Rescuers
Paula Harrison – Tiara Friends
R.J. Furness – Orgo Runners
Russ Bolts – Bots
S. J. King – Secret Explorers
Sally Prue – Class Six
Sally Prue – Truth Sayer
Scarlett Thomas – Worldquake Sequence
Sophie Deen – Agent Asha
Terry Lynn Johnson – Survivor Diaries
Thomas Lockhaven – Ava & Carol Detective Agency
Tony De Saulles – Bee Boy
Victor Appleton – Tom Swift Inventors’ Academy
William Ritter – Oddmire

Click on the image to order via Hive Books, and support your local independent bookshop.

Brenda Felber – Pameroy Mysteries – 10
Carolyn Keene – Nancy Drew Diaries – 18 – 20
Franklin W. Dixon – Hardy Boys Adventures 19 – 21
Jackie French Koller – Dragonling – 5 & 6
James Patterson – Treasure Hunters -7
Kate Messner – Ranger in Time 3 – 12

Lucy Hawking – George’s Secret Key – 6
Mary Pope Osborne – Magic Tree House USA series – 29 -34
Steve Barlow 7 Steve Skidmore – I Hero Immortals 9-13
Steven Butler – Nothing to See Here Hotel -3 & 4


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