New Series and updates November & December 2018

New series added
Adam Cece – Huggabie Falls Trilogy
Alex Bell – Polar Bear Explorers’ Club
Alex T Smith – Mr Penguin
Anne Booth – Magical Kingdom of Birds
Christopher Paolini – Tales from Alagaësia
Danny Scott – Scotland Stars F.C.
Finn Black – The Deep -BBC TV
Isla Fisher – Marge in Charge
Jessica Day George – Castle Glower
Jessica Day George – Rose Legacy
Jessica Day George – Twelve Dancing Princesses
Joe Berger – Lyttle Lies
Kara LaReau – Infamous Ratsos
Kara LaReau – Unintentional Adventures of the Bland Sisters
Karen English – Carver Chronicles
Karen English – Nikki & Deja
Matthew Swanson – Real McCoys
Michael Grant – Monster ( Following on from the Gone series)
Mike Nicholson – Museum Mystery Squad
Santa Montifiore – Royal Rabbits of London
Simon Cherry – Eddy Stone
Siobhan Dowd & Robin Stevens – London Eye Mystery
Stephanie Burgis – Dragon with the Chocolate Heart
Steve Barlow & Steve Skidmore – I Hero – Atlantis Quest
Steve Barlow & Steve Skidmore – I Hero – Immortals
Steve Barlow & Steve Skidmore – I Hero – Legends
Steve Barlow & Steve Skidmore – I Hero – Toons
Steven Butler – Dog Diaries
Tom McLaughlin – Accidental Series
Tom McLaughlin – Happyville High

Aaron Blabey – Bad Guys
Andrew Clover – Rory Branigan, Detective – 4
Dav Pilkey – Adventures of Dog Man – 6
Erin Hunter – Warriors – Vision of Shadows – 6
Jacqueline Wilson – Tracy Beaker – 4
John Flanagan – Brotherband Chronicles – 7
Julie Sykes – Unicorn Academy – 5
Linda Chapman – Star Friends – 5
Peter Bunzl – Cogheart Adventures -3
Sibeal Pounder – Witch Wars – 6
Tui Sutherland – Wings of Fire – 10 – 12
Wayne Grant – Saga of Roland Inness – 6

New things have popped up on the Children’s Book Sequels website

We have added some new icons to the Children’s Book Sequels website. previously the links were in the main paragraph or in the links page but now they are much easier to find. There is now a link and icon to the blog, our Facebook page, and our Twitter feed in the menu at the top of every page. Follow us on social media and read about all the wonderful and amazing things that go on in the world of children’s books.

For many years illustrators have been the poor relation in books for older children, but with more books being illustrated, they need to have a bigger presence. So finally we are adding an “Illustrated by” field on the Children’s Book Sequels website. Yes, I know, about time. I now need help from you to share this news everywhere and get any illustrators you know to check the Children’s Book Sequels website and if there is a series on there that they have illustrated, please let me know. There is a contact me form on the website.




New series and updates for August 2018

Here’s the new and updated list of new children’s book series added to for August 2018.

New editions of Terry Pratchett’s Johnny Maxwell series have been published by Corgi Children’s books. This is an brilliant series. Add it to your must read list.

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