April 2014

New Series added to www.childrensbooksequels.co.uk

Judi Curtin – Friends Forever

Anne Cassidy – Jennifer Jones

Laura Dockrill – Darcy Burdock

Amelia Cobb – Zoe’s Rescue Zoo

Clementine Beavais – Sesame Seade

Paula Harrison – Faerie Tribes

Linda Chapman – Sky Horses

Linda Chapman – Skating School

Odin Redbeard – Vulgar the Viking

Jenny Oldfield – Muddy Paws

Lorna Honeywell – Bake a Wish

Gennifer Choldenko – Al Capone

Daisy Meadows – Rainbow Fairies 21 – Magical Craft Fairies

Kate O’Hearn – Valkyrie

Geronimo Stilton – Geronimo Stilton UK list & USA list

Geronimo Stilton – Thea Stilton

Deborah Ellis – Parvana

Adam Blade – Beast Quest Specials

Adam Blade – Beast Quest – Maser Your Destiny

Adam Blade Sea Quest Specials

Shawn K Stout – Penelope Crumb

Lincoln Peirce – Big Nate Novels

Awesome Animals

H.I.Larry – Zac Power Mega Mission

Various – Historical House Series

Phyllis Reyonolds Naylor – Alice McKinley Prequels

Phyllis Reyonolds Naylor – Alice McKinley

Henry Winkler – Hank Zipzer -Worlds Greatest Underachiever

Monica Seles – The Academy

Sharon Jones – Poppy Sinclair

Carina Axelsson – Model under Cover

Paul Stewart -Scavenger

Erin Soderberg – Quirks

Julian Sedgwick -Mysterium

Glenda Millard – Kingdom of Silk

R.McGeddon – Disaster Diaries

Tommy Donbavand – Fangs: Vampire Spy

Sage Blackwood – Jinx

Chris Higgins – My Funny Family

Michael Morpurgo – War Horse

Dan Gutman – My Weird School

Dan Gutman – My Weird School Daze

Sarwat Chadda – Ash Minstry

Salla Simukka – Snow White Trilogy (Y

Series Updated: www.childrensbooksequels.co.uk

Jim Eldridge – Wrestling Trolls

Anne Plichota – Oksa Pollock

Coco Simon – Cupcake Diaries

Jonathan Meres – World of Norm

Jim Benton – Dear Dumb Diary Year 2

H L Dennis – Secret Breakers

Cynthia Voigt – Tillerman family

H.I. Larry – Zac Power

Jeff Norton – Metawars

Anne Cassidy – Murder Notebooks

Teri Terry – Slated

Kjartan Poskitt – Agatha Parrot

Niel Bushnell – Timesmith Chronicles

Paula Harrison – Rescue Princesses



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