About me

I worked in the Children’s Library service for more than 35 years in London, for the London Borough of Hounslow, and also in Bath, N. E, Somerset. When,  in the early 2000’s when we started getting 3 or more Harry Potter adventures and then 13 Unfortunate Events, I came up with the idea of putting Children’s Book Sequels online. Our library management system didn’t give the series order so we needed something. The art of being a good librarian is not necessarily knowing the answer but knowing where to find it. For many years the Library Association had published a book with a comprehensive listing but it was almost out of date by the time it went to print. Children’s Book Sequels has been in it’s current form since 2006 and we are now up to 19000 unique users a year. The site is used in public libraries and schools in the UK, USA, the Far East, Australia and New Zealand.

Due to ill health I had to take early retirement so I now spend more time working on Children’s Book Sequels, reading the books the kind publishers send me and writing reviews, and posting on social media.  Please follow me or like the Facebook page.



Happy reading, and I hope you enjoy using childrensbooksequels.co.uk and reading the blog.