Book Review: Adventures on Trains: The Highland Falcon Thief by M.G. Leonard & Sam Sedgman. Illustrated by Elisa Paganelli

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Full steam ahead for a fast paced adventure.

The Highland Falcon, Britain’s famous steam train, is set to depart for one last journey around England and Scotland, calling at Balmoral to collect a Prince and Princess and returning to Paddington. Harrison Beck’s Uncle Nat loves steam trains, writes books and articles about travel and trains and he has a ticket for this wonderful trip. Harrison’s mum is expecting a baby any minute now so she sends Harrison off on the train with his uncle. Four days on a train! thinks Harrison, there are no other children and it will be boring.
So begins a fast speed journey, with a motley selection of guests on board. Bits of jewelry begin to go missing and Harrison, as the only child on board gets the blame. Determined to find out the truth, Harrison begins his own investigation, and gets help from an unexpected quarter.

As a great fan of steam trains, I loved this book with just enough technical information about the train to complement the story. Harrison loves to draw and the illustrations by Elisa Paganelli are wonderful. It’s all in the detail. Well done to M.G. Leonard and Sam Sedgman for a gripping read and I’m looking forward to the second one in the series “Kidnap on the California Comet”

Book Review: The Story of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting

The Story of Doctor Dolittle - Alma Junior Classics (Paperback)
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100 years ago, in 1920, the Story of Doctor Dolittle was first published. The world was introduced to a Doctor who although he treated people, preferred animals even more. After all his human patients had deserted him, put off by his growing menagerie of animals, he starts to run out of money. His parrot, Polynesia, teaches him the language of birds and then other animal languages.

More and more animals arrive at the Doctor’s house in Puddleby-on-the-Marsh and they all need feeding. What is he going to do.
While he is worrying about the food problem a message arrives from Africa. There is a terrible sickness among the monkeys there and they need the doctors help. After borrowing a ship, Doctor Dolittle sets sail for Africa, with Polynesia the parrot, Jib the dog, Dab-Dab the duck, Gub-Gub the pig, and Too-Too the owl. With help from sea creatures they cross the ocean to Africa and after a hard journey across land, chased by a kings army, they find the sick animals.
Dr Dolittle soon treats the monkeys and other animals and it is time to go home to Puddleby. The African animals want to give the Doctor a Thank You present. A Pushmi-Pullyu, a two headed animal that is very rare. When asked why he has two mouths but only speaks with one , he says “But I keep the other mouth for eating – mostly. in that way I can talk while I am eating without being rude. Our people have always been very polite.”

Doctor Dolittle travels home with many adventures on the way and makes lots of money travelling around the country showing the amazing Pushmi-Pullyu. When he arrives home he can pay off all his debts and feed his large animal household.

It was great reading this story again after so any years. There were 11 books in the series originally. This one is a reprint from Alma Classics. It comes with lots of extras, including a bit about Hugh Lofting and a quiz at the end.  A good excuse to read the story before seeing the new movie. The complete list is available on the Children’s Book Sequels website.

This book was given to me in return for a frank and honest review.

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New Series and Updates added January 2020

Hi everyone, I’ve just realised  how long it’s been since I did a update and new series blog. Apologies. I have been transferring computers from a loved and trusted Windows 7 with Microsoft Office 2010 to Windows 10 and LibreOfice. I’ve also started using Simplenote which came up as a free alternative to OneNote which I had been using to add the book titles as I added them on to the website. So there’s a long list of titles and series. Click on the series name and the link will take you to the right page on the website.

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New series and updates added September 2019

A bit late with this update for September, but I have been enjoying the events at the Bath Festival of Children’s Literature. Lots of great authors and excited children running around the city. So anyway, here’s the list of new series and additions added to  Click on the title and it will take you to the right page on the website. Happy Reading: Continue reading “New series and updates added September 2019”

Book Review: A Heart So Fierce and Broken by Brigid Kemmerer

A Heart So Fierce and Broken, Paperback / softback Book
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This is the sequel to “A Curse So Dark and Lonely” where we met Harper, transported from D. C. to the parallel universe of Emberfall to break a curse that Prince Rhen is under. We also met Grey, Rhen’s guard commander. “A Curse so Dark and Lonely” was Rhen and Harper’s story and this new sequel follows Grey and his struggles with himself as discovers his true identity. Continue reading “Book Review: A Heart So Fierce and Broken by Brigid Kemmerer”