New Series and updates March 2019

So, managing to catch up with the backlog. There are lots of new series this month, some of them are American and I’ve added them as this website is used in Elementary schools and public libraries in the USA. If you are a Children’s Author please check your author page and check for any errors. If you find any, please let me know.

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New Series
Andy Shepherd – Boy Who Grew Dragons
Ben Guterson – Winterhouse
Bruce Hale – Chet Gecko
Bruce Hale – Class Pets
Bruce Hale – Monstertown Mystery
Coco Simon – Sprinkle Sundays
Elizabeth Eulberg – Great Shelby Holmes
James Riley – Half upon a Time
James Riley – Revenge of Magic
James Riley – Story Thieves
Kiersten White – Slayer
Mac Barnett – Terrible Two
Margaret Peterson Haddix – Children of Exile
Margaret Peterson Haddix – Greystones Secrets
Margaret Peterson Haddix – Palace Chronicles
Margaret Peterson Haddix – Shadow Children
Matt Stanton – Funny Kid
Monica Tesler – Bounders
Naomi Cyprus – Sisters of Glass
P.J. Night – You’re Invited to a Creepover
Wade Albert White – Adventurer’s Guide
Zach King – My Magical Life

Derek Landy – Skulduggery Pleasant – 12
Geronimo Stilton US List – 69 – 72
James Nicol – Apprentice Witch -3
James Patterson – Middle School – 11
Josh Lacey – Dragonsitter 5-10
Laura Ellen Anderson – Amelia Fang – 4
Laura James – Adventures of Pug – 4
Lauren St John – Wolfe and Lamb – 2
Nick Bruel – Bad Kitty – 6 – 12
Susan Dennard – Witchlands – 3 & 4

New Series and updates January & February 2019

Apologies for the delay in posting this update. Life gets in the way sometimes. Anyway, here are the titles that I have added to the website over the last couple of months: Click on the title to go to the right page on the Children’s Book Sequels website

All the Lemony Snicket  – Series of Unfortunate Events books have been reissued as Netflix editions.

The last book in the Flying Fergus series by Sir Chris Hoy and Joanna Nadin has been published. This 10 book series is a great start for someone wanting to get into reading for pleasure at a young age.

New series added
Adam Blade – Beast Quest Series 23: The Banished Warriors
Anna Day – Fandom
Cassandra Clare & Wesley Chu – Eldest Curses
Jackie French Koller – Dragonling
Kita Mitchell – Grandma Dangerous
Stacia Deutsch – Spirit Riding Free
Victoria J. Coe – Fenway and Hattie
W. Bruce Cameron – Dog’s Purpose Puppy Tales
William Joyce – Guardians of Childhood

Brenda Felber – Pameroy Mysreries -7
Katherine Woodfine – Taylor & Rose, Secret Agents – 2
Mac Barnet – Mac B. Kid Spy – 2 & 3
Sir Chris Hoy & Joanna Nadin – Flying Fergus – 10

Book Review: Fleur Hitchcock – The Boy Who Flew

We are transported back to the days of the Industrial Revolution when new and glorious items were being invented. Athan likes helping Mr Chen, a Chinese inventor who lives nearby. They are building a flying machine. For Athan, who spends nights up on the rooftops of the city with his mate, Tod, this is a dream he wants to follow. But Mr Chen is killed by others wanting to steal his ideas and plans. When they discover Athan might know more, they start to attack his family. Will Athan ever fly?

A wonderful collection of characters including a great malevolent Grandma, Athan’s sister, Beatie who is handicapped and his weak mother, trying to keep her family together, while being dominated by Grandma and outside forces.

The descriptions of the city are great and the story literally flies along at a pace.

I have to say I had a lump in my throat at the end.

World Book Day 2019

Another World Book Day arrives and the list of choices for your £1 book token is great this year. Here is a list of all the authors and if you click on the name it will take you to their page on the Children’s Book Sequels website, where you can discover all of their books and links to the authors website.

Also look out for BBC World Book Day live lessons 2pm livelessons

Rick Riordan

Frank Cotterell-Boyce

Abi Elfinstone

Patrick Lawrence

Lauren Child

Alex T Smith

Sibeal Pounder

Malorie Blackman

Happy reading,

Book Review – Jasbinder Bilan – Asha and the Spirit Bird

Asha and her family live in the foothills of the Himalayas. Her father has gone to work in  the big city, to earn more money for his family. But nothing has been heard from him for months. No money has arrived and debt collectors are bullying Asha’s mother. Asha and her best friend Jeevan decide they have to do something and that involves finding her father. Armed with an address in the big city, they run away, to travel to the temple at the head of the Ganges, to pray for help and then on to the big city. It isn’t an easy journey, but they have help in the form of a lamagaia, a bearded vulture, which Asha believes is the spirit of her grandmother,  who has passed away.

Full of adventures including a close encounter with a snow tiger, this is a wonderful debut novel. The descriptions of the Himalayas, from the foothills to the temple at Karase, the noisy chaos of the big city, Zanapur, all come together beautifully.

Jasbinder Bilan is a graduate of the wonderful creative writing MA at Bath spa university.

I can remember her coming into the children’s library in Bath a few years ago and telling me she was starting a new adventure at Bath Spa University and going to take an MA in creative writing. Well that adventure has created Asha and Javeen and brought us the smells and colours of Asha’s mother’s cooking.